Rising Fire Sci-Fi TPS RPG Closed Beta Adventures

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I stumbled upon Rising Fire last weekend while on the hunt for new games to test. The Chinese version is currently in Closed Beta and needs a beta key to get in while the English version might be in Alpha? I'm not really sure, but I added the English site below just incase you want to try and sign-up for it. I spent most of my weekend playing Rising Fire trying to power level to 20 to unlock the new character that was just released, I'll probably make some gameplay videos of her later on.

I'm going to jump straight into describing the world! Rising Fire has one main hub where players can gather together, talk to NPC's for story quests, upgrade weapons, craft stuff, shop, and more. From here, a player can then interact with the terminal and choose a Chapter Mission, PvE Mode, and PvP Mode. Chapter Missions are the open zones of the game where you can do field quests, story stuff, enter dungeons, and meet other players on the field. For example, the Chapter 2 area is the Desert Zone shown in my gameplay video below, just ran around poking and shooting stuff with my Legendary Assault Rifle that expires in 24 hours. As I stated earlier, I've been focusing on missions so I didn't really get around to trying out the PvE/PvP options from the terminal.

The game looks visually impressive, but the AI is somewhat a potato. I heard that the game gets harder after reaching level 20 with hard mode missions, so I'm looking forward to that. The current events give away a ton of temporary Legendary and Epic weapons so I was breezing through most of the content. One of the things that I liked about the game was that other players were able to join my current game session or mission anytime. There would be moments where some high-level player would just join my newbie game and they would steam roll everything and I'll be like looting everything and leeching like a boss, lol.

Interested in trying out the Chinese version in CBT? You'll need a QQ account, you can probably Google up a guide for that. Once you've made your free QQ account, you can follow this link for the lotto page. You'll need to do all the mini event page and Chinese social media site sharing stuff on your QQ account. Once you get 100 points, you can press the big blue button to consume your 100 points to see if you win or not. It took me a thirty minutes to figure out the page since I can't read Chinese at all, lol. You can try collecting 200 points and rolling twice a day. I think it's really hard to get in... or the rates is really low? Good luck! Depending on my testing schedule, I would like to get a gameplay video of the new girl below.

loli next week

CBT Lotto Site: Link
English Site: http://axion.games/rising-fire/
Game Site: http://rf.qq.com/