Gundam Online Char's Red Mobile Suits

just gundam stuff

The old school classic 52vs52 PvP game Mobile Suit Gundam Online is still a lot of fun, even though the game is like five years old or something! Playing as my favorite Zeon faction on the JP servers! The Taiwanese version of the game does have an official English patch that comes with the installer, so a lot of Foreigners end up trying that version.

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Rising Fire Sci-Fi TPS RPG Closed Beta Adventures

rising fire main

I stumbled upon Rising Fire last weekend while on the hunt for new games to test. The Chinese version is currently in Closed Beta and needs a beta key to get in while the English version might be in Alpha? I'm not really sure, but I added the English site below just incase you want to try and sign-up for it. I spent most of my weekend playing Rising Fire trying to power level to 20 to unlock the new character that was just released, I'll probably make some gameplay videos of her later on.

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Iron Sight FPS Killstreak Changes and Short Sniper Gameplay


Having previously enjoyed the past Closed Beta of Iron Sight, I went ahead and played the Open Beta version of the game. One of the biggest things that I've noticed in this version is that my Killstreak counter doesn't reset on death for both "support" and "offensive" layout Killstreaks. It seems like they made the game much more casual or user-friendly so that everyone can just zombie rush their Killstreak without having to worry about any deaths. Time to summon those Helicopters and Metal Reapers like crazy aye!?

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Sudden Attack 2 Beta Gameplay Preview


I went on another gaming adventure last week exploring a new FPS title from Nexon GT called Sudden Attack 2! It's been along time since I've played an FPS game so I was a bit rusty, but I did enjoy messing around and shooting people up. I've actually never played the original version so everything was new to me. I suppose this version is a bit similar to CS 1.6 turning into Source or GO with a nice graphic upgrade? Anyway, I've posted some of my gameplay below!

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