ArcheAge Summer Outfits

aamainSummer outfits are going to be available in the Korean version of ArcheAge Online in a few days. Some of the outfits look really sexy while some look soso. XLGAMES provided a Beach Party Summer Fashion show video below. Really nice seeing ArcheAge progressing to NA smoothly! Though the big question is, what kind of business model will Trion Worlds go with? As many of you already know, the Korean version will be phasing into a limited Free To Play service soon. Personally, I don't mind their whole F2P service even if your character can't regen any labor points. If you end up liking the game, then buy a monthly plan or something!


NA Trailer

Though I can foresee a lot of problems if the game becomes F2P in NA. There might be some elitist guilds who would only recruit players with subscription because they will need that persons labor points to help them build castles, level up crafting, build boats, and all the fun stuff. Then again all the fun stuff requires big guilds so it may not become much of a problem because strength comes in numbers or so they say.

Developer: XLGAMES
Game Publisher: Trion Worlds | XLGAMES
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