Black Desert Online Final Test Prelude Trailer and Updated Testing Schedule


Pearl Abyss just released a new trailer a few hours ago showing off a short glimpse of various production and life skills the game has to offer ranging from fishing, hunting, mining, smithing, alchemy, chopping wood, NPC trading, and more. I also added the updated the testing schedule and a couple new high-resolution images!

New Black Desert High-Resolution Images






Black Desert Recruiting Phase
September 2nd~11th
Winners Announced on 15th

Black Desert Testing Scheduled
September 17th~28th

Black Desert CBT Sign Up:

My Black Desert Ultimate Review and Preview Information

- Black Desert Online Character Creation All Races
- Combat Skill and System, Real-time Weather System, Catching Mounts
- Leveling Experience, Combat Mechanics, Open World PvP Penalties, Enchanting System
- Multi Characters, Trade System, Skill Awakening, Unlimited Leveling, Clothing, Market System
- Castle Sieges, GvG, PvP, 1v1, Open World PK, Duels, Field Bosses

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