Black Desert 2nd Beta Info and PC Requirements


PearlAbyss released another GM article with more information about the upcoming beta along with the minimum latest PC requirements! They are planning on recruiting a lot more players in the 2nd test starting on April 4th and the beta will last for about three weeks long. Find out more details below!


The official recruitment phase hasn't started just yet, but there are a couple events where players can secure an early spot in the beta. The 2nd beta is considered to be a large scale test so there is a high chance of getting in. I have good news for the 1st Closed Beta testers. If you managed to get level 20 in the 1st beta, then you're guranteed a spot in the 2nd beta, which is already confirmed because I received my SMS text message today.

One the early beta event is an offline coupon giveaway which means if you're not living in Korea then skip it! The other early event requires the user to download the Black Desert Smartphone Application. If you're unable to download the App due to country restrictions, then make sure you check out my Android/iOS tutorial page. I'm not sure how the giveaway works on the smartphone app, but you're more than welcome to play around with the app and try! 



The big recruiting phase starts on April 4th and they are planning on recruiting a lot more players than usual, which grants users a high chance of getting in beta. Creating a DAUM social account is simple and doesn't require any social information, but registering for the beta that starts on April 4th may or may not require additional information because other Daum games require similar information. Keep your fingers crossed!



The developers are constantly working on improving the game. For example, in they added a special feature with clothes getting wet. The Sorcerer left image above shows what a dry piece of clothing looks like and the one on the right is a what it will look like when it becomes soaked in water. They are also releasing one of the biggest cities in the game, happy parkouring! I am looking forward to participating in the next test and hopefully write a detailed review of the game.