Black Desert 2nd Closed Beta Nearing While PearlAbyss Hosts a Mini Giveaway


While there has been no official date on the next beta, PearlAbyss recently made a new Black Desert 검은사막 Facebook Page and stated that they are currently giving away 400 beta keys. The giveaway is only valid for Korean Facebook users at the moment. Don't worry, this is for the early recruitment phase of the 2nd beta and they are bound to recruit more testers in the future. Meanwhile, if this is your first time hearing about this game then make sure you check out my extensive preview of the 1st beta below.

Ultra High Quality 4k Resolution Black Desert Footage

Black Desert Online Previews

Black Desert 1st Beta Preview Part 1
-Exploring and Starting Areas
-Death Penalty
-Combat Basics
-Playable Characters

Black Desert 1st Beta Preview Part 2
-Housing Tour
-Housing Auctions

Black Desert 1st Beta Preview Part 3
-Alliance System
-Castle Siege

Black Desert 1st Beta Preview Part 4
-Leveling Up
-NPC Favor Points
-Mini Games
-Day and Night System
-Level 30 PvP Flag Button
-Random Stuff

That should sum of most of my beta experience for the 1st Closed Beta, I did play it a lot and definitely looking forward to testing it again this year. Perhaps I will write a beta review of it this time around instead of lengthy daily previews. I don't think they are planning on adding the new characters in this beta, but if they do. I am planning on playing the Tamer, Samurai, or Valkyrie! If have enough time then I might try out some Gandalf. If possible, I would love to get some accounts ahead of time to giveaway to my followers, but I can make no promises!