Durango: Wild Lands Prehistoric Survival MMORPG Closed Beta Just Started


The new Closed Beta for Durango: Wild Lands just started for those located in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. I had a lot of fun testing this game back then and it's definitely a game that I would recommend to try out. The servers are congested at the moment so it's really hard to login. However, you can still play through the prologue and make your character. Just a warning that all data will be DELETED in this beta!

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Moonless God Cute Tactics RPG with Japanese Voices

moon divine

Pre-Registrations for the Moonless God 《神无月》Divine is now available along with the newly released website that was just updated earlier today. From there, you will discover a lot of fancy looking artwork, screenshots, videos, and a bunch of high-quality wallpapers. I actually tested this game out, so I've got a new gameplay video for ya below. Another data wipe test is scheduled to start later this month on July 26th for the mobile device.

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Hyper Universe English Closed Beta Starts June 23rd

hyper new

The first Closed Beta for the English Version of Hyper Universe starts late next week on June 23rd! The upcoming CBT will not have an NDA this time around so players can finally upload and share their experience on streaming sites or social media! Hyper Universe is a lot of fun and I do recommend signing up for the beta. The game is definitely different in terms of the usual MOBA style, you must try it for the experience alone! I've posted some of my latest gameplay adventures below since I like to play a few matches every now and then.

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Astellia Online New Website Debut Along with an Extended Closed Beta Trailer

astellia main

Nexon Korea's Astellia Online just got a brand new website revealing more information about the unique game system it has to offer. The game will have five playable characters which are Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Scholar, and Mage. Each one will have various class advancement to choose from at level 60. As a TCG MMORPG players should expect to collect a lot of cards in forms of Servants and Guardians.

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Master X Master English Beta Starting Soon


Just a quick write up to let you guys know that Master X Master is having a Closed Beta Test tomorrow! You can still sign-up for the beta and download the client early by visiting the official MXM Closed Beta Guide. NCSoft also posted a lot of new changes to the game which includes balance changes, graphics upgrade, game improvements, system changes, revamped features, and more. I'll be dropping by in this beta so make sure to meow at me when ya see me prancing around. 

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