Emil Chronicle Online Global

ecoEmil Chronicle Online Closed Beta starts today.  It is still not too late to sign up last minute.  A lot of players are kind of confused on how to Sign Up up for Closed Beta so I will be explaining it a bit below.  I will be testing out this game so if you see me around ingame make sure you say "Hi!"  If you wish to find out more information about this game then visit http://omochikaeri.wordpress.com/ there you will find all the information you will need in English about this game.  It would be wise to get started on the download early for the setup is quite large.   If you want to download the client from Steparu.com you can do so below.


Game Client Download hosted by Steparu.com

Emil Chronicle Information and Guides by Micchi of Omochikaeri

Starting Out and Features

Eco Races and Jobs

In-depth into Stats

If you are looking for more guides check them out at http://omochikaeri.wordpress.com/

Making an account is pretty easy.  Just be sure that you make an account for https://www.runup.com.my/ and http://eco.runup.com.my/en/top/top.php.  That will be two separate accounts then you have to link both of them in the main Run Up control panel.  Or you can just sign up on the main Run Up website and then create an ECO account from the Run Up Control Panel.

Developer: Gravity
Game Publisher: Run Up Games
Game Site: http://eco.runup.com.my/en/top/top.php