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2.0Hello~! Welcome to my website, first of all, I would like to thank you guys for visiting. Many of you are probably coming from my Youtube Page. If you aren't from my Youtube page then it's nice to meet you! I hope you will find this website useful in your searches for foreign gaming and will use it often. This site will mainly be focusing on reviews, previews, and news strictly related to foreign gaming. So if you're just looking for something new to play or wondering if this "x" foreign game is worth trying then you came to the right place!

You've just crash landed in the about Steparu page! Turn back now if you wish to live :3!

Steparu: This site is and every content related to Steparu is maintained by one person alone. I write reviews, previews, make the videos, play the games, update the site, recording, encoding, streaming, playing, and everything on my own. So if I don't update it often, please forgive me T_T.

Imposters: With my identity being Anonymous there are a lot of people pretending to be "Steparu" I work alone and it's very stressful with the amount of work I do, sometimes I won't update my sites due to it or take long breaks. If you end up running into a fake version, you can always ask me on my Facebook Page if it's really me or not. Other than that, please becareful of scams!

There are a lot of players that pretend to be Steparu so don't get conned by them, you can always check or ask if I am playing a North American game on http://www.facebook.com/Steparus. I rarely play NA games since I am always busy with upcoming games in South Korea or Japan.

Article Linking / Sharing - Please feel free to link or share any of my articles they are for you! ^_^
Video Linking or Taking Clips for B-Rolls in film or preview is allowed. (Just give credits!)

Mini FAQ

Q: How do you get access to all the betas and closed betas before anyone?

A: I am usually given early access from developers or publishers to review or preview game for my website or Youtube. It's the only sure way to get in a closed beta without the random lottery chance! If I am not contacted, I usually go out of my way and send out various e-mails. I can be very persistent!

Q: Are you a girl or a boy?

A: Neither, I am Cat.

Q: Are you Korean? Japanese? Asian!? WHAT ARE YOU!?!

A: I'm not Korean nor Japanese!

Q: Where do you live and test these games from?

A: I live in USA, California! That's all I can say :v

Q: Can you read or write Korean or Japanese?

A: I can understand Japanese by voice. I can't read or write Korean! Google Translate Power

Q: How can you play without understanding?

A: I leveled up my Passive Skill for it.

Q: Who drew your original Steparu character?

A: The new version was drawn by Empew at Pixiv.

About Me (Steparu)

Hardcore Gamer

I have been playing video games since I was a little kid. My first console was Famicon. Then I moved on to other consoles like Genesis, SNES, Gameboy Series, GameGear, N64, GameCube, PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, and Xbox360. I didn't really get into PS3 and Xbox360 due to the crazy boom in the PC Market. During the time when PS2 was first released I was already starting to hardcore play PC games and getting into online gaming. Ever since then I have played online games casually and competitively on numerous online game handles. After playing so much games, I decided I needed a unique nickname that no else would come up with. Thus I came up with Steparu, who is now the websites mascot. Gaming is my life, without it, I have nothing. "No Game No Life!" NGNL.

Foreign Gaming Specialist

I have been playing Foreign games for over a decade now. Being a hardcore gamer, playing American games wasn't enough anymore. Thus I started playing a lot of import Japanese games on my PS2 and PSP. From there, I went into Online Japanese games. Eventually, I advanced into the Korean Online gaming market. Every game publisher as of today knows that Korea is where the gold mine is. A lot of publishers around the world check out the Korean Online game market. I am pretty sure that these next upcoming few years, a lot of the games from Korea will be on the top charts globally.

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SteparuTV Youtube Channel - Raw Gameplay Footage of Foreign Online Games

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Facebook - Steparu & Friends Page - My personal page.

Steparu LiveStream Channel - I stopped streaming T_T

Website Mascot: Website Mascot is an original artwork of my character Steparu. You've been following her for a long time now and she's gotten older, so I decided to post a new picture of Steparu. The new version was drawn by my friend Empew, you can check her Pixiv here.

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