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bsBlade & Soul Online's hype has been increasing a lot lately amongst foreigners. Due to its' popularity, I have been receiving numerous questions about Blade & Soul. I have decided to revive and rewrite the old Blade & Soul FAQ for the community. This is the perfect FAQ if you're a big Blade & Soul Fan or have some questions bothering you. I have collected and answered the most common B&S questions from my readers along with personal impressions on the current state of the game. Updated with new questions!

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Blade & Soul localization questions.

Q: Does this game have an IP block?

A: It doesn't have an IP block at the moment.

Q: When will Chinese Blade & Soul Open Beta start?

A: November 28th, 2013

Q: Will Blade & Soul China require a strict registration system like the KR version?

A: I heard it is very easy to make an account for CN version but getting in Closed Beta is hard, wait for Open Beta.

Q: Will this game come out to NA/EU/SEA?

A: Yes, there is a English website.

Q: When is the release date!?

A: I wish I knew :( :( :( :( :( This is the most asked question 2012 and 2013 -_-"

Q: Do you have any idea why it is taking them so long to publish a beta version of Blade & Soul?

A: Honestly, I have no idea but it may have something to do with lack of end game content in the Korean version or them focusing on Wild Star.

Q: Lack of Content?

A: Yes, but there is a big patch coming soon introducing a snow area region, new level cap, new areas, new content, new PvP areas, modes, and etc.

Q: I am getting angry, I have been waiting for so long.

A: Yes, most players have been waiting long some have been waiting so long that they resort to playing the KR version or wait for the CN OBT.

Q: Are you going to play the English version?

A: I will probably try it out depending on the status of the Korean version though my name will most likely be stolen from me like in Tera and other games (lol). So if you see a Steparu, just ask me on my Facebook if it is the real me or not.

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Blade & Soul Account related questions.

Q: How can I play Blade & Soul?

A: The only way you can play is by having publisher connections as the media press, a friend in South Korea make you an account, or purchasing an account from third party sites. Or by waiting for the Chinese Open Beta

Q: Is it possible to just make the Korean account myself?

A: It is only possible if you live in South Korea, because it requires Korean Cell Phone Verification.

Q: Is it possible to make a Chinese account myself for the Chinese Open Beta?

A: Yup, here is a registration video below by a friend of mine. More Stuff on her Youtube Page Here. Register Link Here.

Q: Do you know a place where I can buy a Korean or Chinese account? Is it safe?

A: Yes, you can buy one at Newgameway, please feel free to use this link as it is my referral link.

Q: What's the difference between someone making you an account and buying one?

A: It is a lot safer if a friend in Korea makes your account, since your friend can verify your account. If you run into troubles of being banned as gold farmer or etc it's an easier process for your friend to appeal for you. Also there maybe times when your account have to be verified but rarely.

Q: How do I pay monthly for this game?

A: You'll need to have a Korean friend help you pay because of Korean phone verification or buy from Newgameway.

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Q: Can't I just pay my own way like I did with Tera using time cards?

A: PlayNC has a stricter payment method compared to most Korean MMORPG's, so you'll need a KR friend to help you out. If anyone else has a better payment method for foreigners please let me know!

Q: I have been playing a lot of Blade & Soul lately, how do I improve my ping?

A: You will need to use WTFast VPN to improve your ping better for Blade & Soul.

Q: Huh you're crazy? How does a VPN help improve my ping?

A: You're welcome to watch my gameplay videos and compare if you want, I am also playing from USA.

Q: Can you make me an account I have "my own KSSN"?

A: No, I cant make you an account because if it was really yours then you wouldn't be asking this question.

Q: Can you make me an account anyway, please, it's my birthday?

A: Wow! Happy Birthday and No. :)

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Blade & Soul Getting Started Questions.

Q: Where do I download the game?

A: Here you go, Blade & Soul Download Page.

Q: I've created my character there are so many servers, what server are the English players on?

A: The English players and I are currently playing 태산북두 server. I also have an alt character on the most popular server.

Q: Is this server populated?

A: This server recently merged with another server so it is around average population compared to the bigger ones.

Q: How do I start the game?

A: You have to login and press the Game Start button the page.

Q: Can I join the English/Foreign guild?

A: Sure, feel free to join the English guild. As of the moment the game only allows players who are level 20+ and of the same faction to be in a guild. We picked the Red Faction so you must too! There are around three to four English guilds at the moment please check around!

Q: What are my options for English or Foreign Guilds?

A: You can check out the full list at Blade & Soul Dojo Recruit Forums.

Q: Crap, I accidentally picked the wrong faction is there anyway to change it?

A: Yes, there is you just have to pay a silver fee in the same town where you changed factions, check out the B&S forums.

Q: How do play this game? Everything is in Korean T_T.

A: You'll find guides in the Blade & Soul forum section.

Q: Can "you" invite me to the guild?

A: I haven't been playing much Blade & Soul so it will be very hard to catch me for an invite, try asking around here.

Q: Help!! I don't know what the menus and options do :( FML.

A: Blade & Soul Dojo Translation is pretty good.

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Blade And Soul Gameplay Related Questions.

Q: Is this a point and click game?

A: No, it is a semi target game. You have a cross hair, point it at the enemy and you will lock on, if your character looks too far to the left or right of the mob you have targeted you will lose your target.

Q: So is it like action combat like Vindictus, Tera, Dragon Nest, and etc?

A: Yeah, it is semi action!

Q: Why does this game have so little skills compared to other games?

A: Blade & Soul is a combo game, the skills on your bar changes to different skills depending on skills you use. Other actions also pop up depending on the enemy status like when they are in the air, knocked down, stunned, and etc.

Q: What is the level cap?

A: The current level cap is 45, new patch soon will raise the cap to 50 (I think).

Q: Does Blade & Soul have enough end game content?

A: Right now the only end game for Blade & Soul revolves around PvP and 1-2 end game dungeons.

Q: Only 1-2!??! What the truck!?

A: Yeah, this is probably one reason why the NA version is delayed.

Q: Why is everything so Asian!?

A: It's an oriental MMORPG... but you if you prefer to have westernized looks on your character check out this Liam Neeson Character Customization Video. It's only Asian because that is how you want your character to look.

Q: How is the PvP System like compared to Tera?

A: Blade & Soul focuses more on timing, countering, and memorizing your enemies cooldown and such. In Blade & Soul a character is given a couple escape skills, once they have used up all of those skills and is on cool down. They are going to be very vulnerable to deadly combos, that is if they don't block, counter, and dodge properly.

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Random Questions.

Q: Which game do you like better Tera or Blade & Soul?

A: I like both games they are very different and unique from each other but right now I prefer B&S.

Q: I played this game in the private server called Atomix it sucks, why should I play the retail?

A: The private server is a very early build of Blade & Soul and doesn't reflect the final product.

Q: I want to try this game but I don't like Asian grinders, is this the same the other Asian grinders?

A: It's relatively easy to level up in Blade & Soul. But there are times when you will run out of quests and have to grind the rest of your level by killing stuff. It takes 2-3 days to get to max level for hardcore players.

Q: I want to try this game but I'm having second thoughts, do you recommend it?

A: It's up to you, if you prefer or like playing oriental style MMORPG's then give it a try. If you like playing action games then definitely give it a try!

Q: How long did it take you to reach level 45 cap?

A: At least two to three days.

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Q: So what are your impressions on this game?

A: Despite the lack of content, I really enjoy playing Blade & Soul and always find myself coming back to it.

Q: Can you tell me more about this game in detail?

A: You can find out my detailed review of the game here.

Q: There are a lot of cool games in South Korea, is Blade & Soul still popular?

A: Blade & Soul isn't as popular as it used to be when it first came out, PlayNC also refuses to merge some of the servers together thus forcing players to reroll characters on the more populated server.

Q: Huh they don't want to merge servers? That is crazy!

A: They recently merge some servers but it is a light merge. Now the dead servers feel a little bit more livelier.

Q: I want to transfer my character to a your server or a different server.

A: There is no option for this yet, but rumors say they are going to charge players 30-40$ for server transfers.

Q: Are you still playing Blade & Soul?

A: I play every now and then but often take a month or two breaks due to my hardcore gaming job and lack of things to do in the game.

Q: Which job do you recommend for starting players?

A: Blade Master and Summoner.

Q: How do I use emotes?

A: Press F12!

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Game Publisher: PlayNC Korea
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