KOG Games Elsword M and GrandChase for Kakao

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Take a quick look at Elsword M and GrandChase for Kakao from KOG Games that was presented during the G-Star 2017 event last weekend. Some of you guys may have already tried these titles out since they had Closed Betas earlier this year. Which one do I prefer out of the two? Hmm, I'm liking the cutesy looking style that GrandChase for Kakao has to offer better~!

elsword m2

Elsword M

The new Elsword M for the mobile looks pretty much the same with a slightly new look in UI. It looks like they strayed away from the clean UI look and added the usual press buttons on the bottom right corner of the screen thing. You can compare gameplay videos from both the old and new one below. The first gameplay recorded by me shows the older build, while the second gameplay recorded by Japanese 4Gamer news at G-Star 2017 shows the newest version.

elsword m

elsword m3

GrandChase for Kakao

Super cute game GrandChase for Kakao had a CBT a few months ago, not much difference between the floor demo, so I'm just gonna post the CBT version. GrandChase for Kakao is a hero collection dungeon crawling game without stamina so you can play to your heart's content. I don't really follow the GrandChase series much, but I did end up enjoying the beta after trying it out, played it the whole day! I do worry that it doesn't have anything special to offer for those that have played many hero collection games.

Extra Images/Gameplay: 4gamer
Game Site: Link