Forever 7th Capital New Website Teased Playable Characters Preview

f7 new main

Netease's upcoming mobile Anime Action RPG Forever 7th Capital received a whole new website revamp today. Having participated in two Closed Beta's for the game, I'm keeping a very close eye on this title. Meanwhile, you can check out the some of my gameplay videos below along with the short Anime intro. I also just uploaded a preview of all the playable male and female characters of the game. I'll let you guys know the game is coming out or if another test happens.

Although the game itself is in Chinese all of the characters are voiced in Japanese. The story isn't fully voiced so you might get confused if you can't read Chinese. I was able to get by the game just fine w/o being able to read Chinese so I suggest you try it out and play it blindly when it comes out! Forever 7th Capital is an isometric Anime Action RPG where you can swap tag-team between a trio of characters. The game mostly revolves around dungeon crawling from one area to another with some base management here and there. After 7 days real-time passes, the whole capital explodes and your building progress resets, while you keep your items and characters. Players can also participate in co-op multiplayer missions to farm items and gear for their characters. You can only select one character to play in multiplayer mode. This game has a really strange Stamina system. I wonder if it will work in the long run!?

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