Conqueror's Blade New Gameplay Video Revealed at E3 2017

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Booming Games debuted a new gameplay video and a playable demo featuring the English version of War Rage also known as Conqueror's Blade. The free to play action combat game will feature both exciting close combat battles along with strategy RPG elements to easily command units using the 1~5, X, C, and V keys. The Chinese version of the game is about to enter another Closed Beta this month or the next, so expect to see some more new gameplay footage from testers.

Official Description and Images Below

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Elegant Cold Weapon Fight

Conqueror's Blade recreates vast medieval civilizations and their legendary weapons. In order to better depict the spirit and charm of the warriors, the development team studied a wealth of real combat actions by inviting professional foreign fighters and capturing their movements, which gives players a more realistic fighting feeling in the game.

All these far-famed weapons on battlefields of various civilizations will be presented on the latest Conqueror's Blade. Western civilization meets Eastern civilization, crescent blade collides with battle axe, and the battlefield of Conqueror's Blade becomes a hotly contested spot.

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In Conqueror's Blade, players can command both Eastern corps and Western corps in the ancient battlefield. You can lead Knights of Malta carrying lances in Crusades, British Long bowmen carrying bows taller than themselves to shoot off arrows, and Japanese monk troops carrying Naginata in their hands.

All these corps have a unique positioning in battlefield with vivid strengths and weaknesses. For example, British Long bowmen are better at casting and long-range shooting than marksman corps, and are more suitable to station in strategic areas, while Chinese marksman corps are more flexible and would move around the vast battlefield and provide timely fire support for frontline corps.

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Splendid World Sandbox

World sandbox is the most complimented feature of Conqueror's Blade, in which players can spur the horse and acquire territory. The world sandbox has received wide approval from players and media in pre-testing, but the development team further improves upon it.

A totally different world sandbox 2.0 is showcased in the E3 trial version—the new world is as vast as nearly hundreds of square kilometers which takes approximately 30 minutes to ride across the map. Moreover, this brand new world is unique in its landscape and features: fierce and dusty desert, snowy and windy plateau, tree-covered mountains and lakes rippling in the breeze.

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Contributing to the frequent activities of Conqueror's Blade at overseas expos, the international experience of Wang Xi, producer of the game, and the craftsman spirit of the development team, there is no doubt that Conqueror's Blade has a brighter future. With world-level graphics and recreation of various civilizations, world-wide publishing of Conqueror's Blade can be expected soon. In the near future, players will command their soldiers virtually across the continent to compete with players around the world.

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