Lineage 2 Revolution Now Playable in English and Other Languages


The global version of Lineage II Revolution is finally available for download! I've always wanted to try the game out in English so I abandoned the Korean version and migrated on over to the Global version. I'm currently playing on Aden 01! The game does have a lot of auto-mechanics involved so even if you see me, I might be AFK grinding, lol. I added a gameplay of both the English and Korean version below.

The game does look great if you can get it to run on max graphics as seen in the gameplay video below. Just like the Korean version the English one also has a lot of packages that players can buy to gear up and become stronger faster. You can even buy a package that will give you an S rank weapon, but before you buy that, I just wanna let you know that you can get a free S rank weapon once you reach level 30'ish. You also get a bunch of freerolls once you hit level 10 perhaps you'll be lucky to get the best weapon XD?! Time for me to do my job change quest, so see you guys later!

KR Version Max Settings Tablet

Game Site:
Google Play: Link
APK Download: QooApp or APKPURE
Itunes/iOS: Link (Philippines Store)