Elsword Shadow of Luna Short Gameplay & Playable Classes

elsword action rpg

Elsword Shadow of Luna is a new 3D Action RPG for the mobile device where you can play your favorite characters and classes from the original PC version. It also looks like the characters became a tiny bit older this time around or it's the new sprites featured in the Shadow of Luna. The controls are fairly simple with tap to start the auto-attack, tap and hold to select a skill, and swipe to dodge.

One of the nice features of the game is that there are a lot of outfits and your character looks changes depending on the clothes you have equip. Players can obtain characters free by playing through the story and it seems like the game does use a Stamina system so no endless grinding for you guys! The controls felt a little bit weird or I was just spoiled by the nice control setup of White Cat. Anyhow, I joined the beta a bit late due to random busy stuff IRL, but you can still test the game today and tomorrow. The Closed Beta is available to everyone even if they didn't sign-up for it because I totally forgot about it and joined late. Just gotta download the game using a KR Google Account or APK from your favorite sources.

Game Site: http://elswordmluna.nexon.com/