Ragnarok R Nothing New Here


What in the world is Ragnarok R is it a new RO game or the super popular MMORPG mobile version. Gravity Korea released a fancy teaser trailer for this game and a lot of people have been itching to know more. With a bit of research and Googling around, I found out that this game isn't new. To be honest, it doesn't really look all that interesting, lol. I guess they're all super cryptic on the Korean site without any gameplay or screenshots.

Just some teasers trailer, I really don't feel like trying this one out XD! You can easily find a lot of gameplay videos of the game by searching Ragnarok Revival. There seems to be a bunch of videos already floating around from the betas and such. I can forget about this game now that I know it's not new IP, moving on~! Oh right, Ragnarok R is a card RPG Mobile Game.

Game Site KR: http://ror.gnjoy.com/
Game Site TW: https://ror.gnjoy.com.tw/