Soulworker Online is Coming to NA and EU Published by Gameforge


Just writing a quick a little news about the current status of the upcoming English version of Soulworker Online. It looks like Liongames unintentionally leaked on who the publisher for the game will be on their official Business Partners page. As it turns out, Gameforge is going to be publishing the game for both NA and EU. I know already know what you're thinking, smirk.


I've been testing this game out lately from time to time! I recently reached the last area of the game and decided to add my random playthroughs in the article for your viewing pleasure. The leveling pace is really fast and easy, until you get to the last area, that's where the real grind starts. I should write a review about it later, let me finish beating story first.


As you can see in the image above, it clearly says Gameforge!