Black Desert 2nd Beta Gameplay Shows Off Action Packed Combat


Pearl Abyss just revealed another new Black Desert 2nd Closed Beta teaser trailer to hype up the upcoming test scheduled to start later this month. Having personally played the first test, I have noticed that the speed of the game went up a notch is much more action packed compared to the previous beta. Check out the new gameplay below featuring all four playable classes in the 2nd Closed Beta of Black Desert Online.

The game looks amazing, what more can you possible want? The new Archers skills look really fun all that tumbling around like a monkey. I am most likely going to be playing as the Sorcerer this time around. All that Dark Matter, Melee Combat, and Blinking around looks crazy good! Giants skills look insane as always, can't wait to get owned by them in PvP again (kidding) though the Warrior also looks like it will be a good character to play shield dashing around C9 style! Oh and before I forget, here is the link to the official video on the official Black Desert website without Youtube's weird video compression.

Developer: Pearl Abyss
Publisher: DAUM Korea
Game Site: