Sdorica Sunset Anime Opening for Puzzle RPG

sdorica puzzle

Rayark's Sdorica -Sunset- still remains to be one of my favorite and most recomended title in the Puzzle RPG genre. The game features beautiful artwork, awesome music, cute characters, funny story, and a casual yet strategic gameplay. The developers recently released a new Animated Opening movie for the game that's worth checking out. I actually played this game a lot when it first came out and maxed out my rank. Now I'm just waiting for the big content updates and stuff.

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23/7 a Random Casual Mobile RPG from Japan


The artwork and character sprites for Twenty Three Seven looked interesting so I went ahead and tried out the Closed Beta. I actually thought it was going to be a full-blown RPG, but as it turns it out, it was mostly a casual auto-play RPG. The gameplay is fairly simple, you swipe left to speed up your characters turns, swipe down to charge up your fever mode, and swipe right to block attacks which consumes your shield. You can also summon random units or helpers during battle. I didn't really like the game so I ended up abandoning it, even after rolling three SSR characters!

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SoulWorker Online Class Upgrade for Lily Now Available in Japan

soulworker lily update

Lily Bloomerchen just received her new class update in the Japanese version of SoulWorker Online. She's the second character to receive a new job in SoulWorker Online with the previous one for Haru Estia. Upon class changing to Lily's new job, she will unlock a new chain-like retracting sickle that extends her reach even further than before.

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The Legend of Chu Liuxiang Another Wuxia MMORPG Adventure


A friend of mine informed me the other day about a new wuxia MMORPG currently in Closed Beta called The Legend of Chu Liuxiang that's playable on both the PC and mobile device. Taking a quick glance at the site, I wasn't really interested because I thought it was just another mobile wuxia game. Then my friend told me that I was able to download and play the game on PC using a real standalone client. That piqued my interest, so I went on ahead and tried the game out for fun.

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Faith of Danschant Steam Version Slated for December 22nd

faith of danschant steam

Wangyuan Shengtang's Unreal Engine 4 single-player beautiful looking RPG Faith of Danschant showed up on Steam earlier this week. The game currently only supports the Chinese language so you'll have to play the game blindly like me if you end up getting it. Check out the official game description below or on the official steam page further down.

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