Mobius Final Fantasy Esmeralda Preview Meia's 3rd Job


The Japanese version of Mobius Final Fantasy had an update over the weekend introducing Meia's 3rd Job Esmeralda. As usual, my luck in Mobius is fairly good and I managed to get the new job card on my 2nd Magicite draw, so I made a short four-minute long gameplay of her in action. I didn't luck out on any of the new ability cards that is supposedly really good for all of Meia's jobs because it's AoE! Perhaps my luck will earn me the legendary ability card someday. I'm excited for the PC Steam version of Mobius Final Fantasy next month, it's going to cool making videos in 4k 60fps. 

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DawnBreak Anime Action RPG Gameplay


I stumbled upon a decent looking Anime Action RPG called DawnBreak the other day. The game kind of reminded of Kritika Online for PC so I took it around for a test drive. DawnBreak features fully voiced story with live2d graphics, action combat controls, multiplayer coop system, a really funky PvP system, and last of all kawaii fairies. I've made a gameplay video showing most of the features below so check it out and see if the game is right around your alley.

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Lineage Red Knights English Teaser Website Targeting Southeast Asia


The website page for Lineage Red Knights just went live today along with the early Pre-Registrations for the Korean version. NCSoft is also planning on releasing the game in Taiwan and Southeast Asia thus you can actually view the whole website in English starting today. The Lineage Red Knights team is going to be unlocking bits and pieces of the website all week long followed by a Twitch live stream revealing more information about the game in the future. Hmmm, the Lineage IP is still going strong after all these years!

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Seventh Rebirth Pre-Registration Begins - From the Same Producer of Final Fantasy XI


The Pre-Registration phase for Gungho's Seventh Rebirth has begun! The producer who worked on FFXI is also working on this game and since that was one of my favorite MMORPG's I ended up registering for this game. Seventh Rebirth's graphics certainly doesn't look all the appealing, but I'm hoping it's one of those games that's plays better than it looks. I've posted the trailer and a single game screenshot below of what looks like a multiplayer or coop fight against a boss.

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Closers Online Lee Seha Special Agent Update


The Korean version of Closers Online is relatively doing well with another game update introducing Special Agent for Lee Seha the Striker. Starting as a Trainee advancing into a Rookie ranking up to an Official Agent and now becoming an awesome Special Agent. A new trailer is available for your viewing pleasure below. Now he can be super OP like Oniisama from Mahouka.

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Star Ocean: Anamnesis 3D Real-time Action Battle Pre-Registration


The official page for Star Ocean: Anamnesis just went live detailing system information, screenshots, and a video. The game is to feature real-time combat with high definition graphics. It will also have a real-time co-op system that supports up to 4 players at once. Graphics is looking good and reminds me of Mobius Final Fantasy. The trailer might be confusing for people that haven't been following the Star Ocean series, but it shows some of the characters that will be available in the mobile version. I'll try to get a gameplay video up when the game is out!

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Shadowverse English Steam Version Coming Soon


Shadowverse is making its way to PC via Steam this month. According to the official Shadowverse Tweet, the game is to undergo maintenance on October 26th to prepare for the Steam release. If it's anything like the DMM JP version, players will be able to link their accounts from both Android or iOS device. I'm all up for the PC version, now just give fans dual audio or optional JP voices!

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Mobius Final Fantasy to Launch on PC via Steam Japan


The Japanese version of Mobius Final Fantasy is going to be getting a PC version next month featuring 1920x1080 Full HD landscape orientation gameplay and supporting up to 4K Resolution. Whoa, that sounds really nice, but players might have to start over from scratch from the way things are looking with the Pre-Registration events. I'm a bit curious to see how the Steam version runs so I'll be trying it out on release!

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Peria Chronicles Quality Translated Lore Update


A Korean friend of mine who has been following Peria Chronicles just finished doing some quality translation for the recent Peria Chronicles Online background story and lore that was recently posted on the official page a few days ago. You can jump straight to their page or check out tid bits of it below.

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