Tree of Savior Developers Respond to Leaked Videos


There was a handful of videos containing gameplay for Tree of Savior Online that was leaked earlier last week. The developers seemed to have taken notice of the videos and informed fans that the leaked videos was an older build. The devs. also informed Youtube and flagged the videos for deletion, so if you have one get rid of it, or you might get a striiiiiikeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That will be all, see the full developer message below. Looks like someone is going to get fired.


Black Desert Party Chain Wave System Explained


Pearl Abyss just released a new trailer for the upcoming wave system mechanic for Black Desert Online. At level 40, a new "wave skill" is unlocked and is available for all classes. Players can focus their waves at their team members or monsters. Depending on the combination and formation the player at the end of the wave can then activate a super skill. If the players targets a monster, they can cancel the enemy skill, stun, or immobilize the target.


Black Desert 2nd Beta Gameplay Shows Off Action Packed Combat


Pearl Abyss just revealed another new Black Desert 2nd Closed Beta teaser trailer to hype up the upcoming test scheduled to start later this month. Having personally played the first test, I have noticed that the speed of the game went up a notch is much more action packed compared to the previous beta. Check out the new gameplay below featuring all four playable classes in the 2nd Closed Beta of Black Desert Online.


Black Desert Character Customization for 2nd Closed Beta


Pearl Abyss and Daum just released a new video today showing off the new character customization features of Black Desert Online. The new character customization looks very good and if I didn't know any better you'll be able to customize your characters to look realistic as seen in one of the male images below.


Soul Worker Online New Gameplay Video


LionGames revealed a new gameplay video for their upcoming Anime MMORPG Soul Worker Online A Tale of Destiny. The two minute trailer shows off three playable classes, fast-paced action gameplay, world features, dungeons, and boss battles. If you look closely at the hotbar, you will notice that the card system, players can obtain cards and equip them for use in battle.


IMC Games Reveals New Character Creation Video for Wolf Knights Online


IMC Games Korea just released a new teaser video showing off the character creation options for Wolf Knights Online. They also setup an English and Korean Wolf Knights website late last year for those than want to register for the beta and learn more about the game. Just hop on over to the official site and change the language to English by clicking on the upper right hand corner of your browser. Other than that, enjoy the new video below and hope that the alpha or beta test starts soon!


Actoz Soft Launches New Dungeon Striker Teaser Page


Actoz Soft Korea just launched their teaser page for the upcoming remake of Dungeon Striker Online. As many of you know by now that the game is no longer hosted on Hangame. The very vague teaser page doesn't reveal much information at all other than a few highlights on what they are planning on improving.


Lion Games Reveals New Game Images for Soul Worker Online


Lion Games just released a new batch gameplay images of Soul Worker Online that can be viewed below. As of the moment, the game has a very simple and clean looking UI which is nice. Anime fans will actually enjoy this game because they "might" be able to customize their characters to look similar to the ones in the show. At least that what it shows in the image below showing off Mirai Kuriyama from Kyokai No Kanata.