Oz Chrono Chronicle 3D Fantasy Anime Action RPG


DMM's latest 3D Fantasy Anime Action RPG Oz Chrono Chronicle just came out last night. It's worth noting that the game seems to be fully voiced, which is a big plus for people like me who can understand conversations better than reading. 

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Action Square Reveals New BLADE 2 Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay Trailer


Action Square just revealed a new trailer for their new upcoming Unreal Engine 4 game BLADE II The Return of the Evil. The video reveals three playable with a fourth possible playable character teased at the end of the trailer. I've been hyped up for this game ever since the first trailer was revealed and it's looking pretty good so far probably one if not the best looking Unreal Engine 4 mobile game to date.

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Bless Online 4K Ultra Settings Gameplay


My old Titan GPU died and I replaced it with a new one a few months ago, though I haven't really tested it much due to my mobile gaming frenzy! Having numerous games within my reach, I went along with Bless Online to test my GPU in 4k Resolution. The game surprisingly seems to run very well at 4k Resolution.

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Heroes of Incredible Tales HIT Unreal Engine 4 Pre-Register


Nexon's Unreal Engine 4 action game HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) is finally is coming out in English. I used to play this game a lot, but I got all Salty when they decided to wipe game data while continuing on the Korean service. The game was pretty fun and I might try it out again. You can Pre-Register now at the official website if you're interested.

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Mobius - Final Fantasy XII Event Preview Judge Master


Mobius Final Fantasy is back at it again with another collaboration featuring Final Fantasy XII. I've been playing the game all week and grinding enough stones to obtain the new Judge Master! This is probably the only Square-Enix Final Fantasy that's actually not a trap, which is why the game is still installed on my device.

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Dragon's Dogma Online Nuking Stuff in 4K 60FPS!


I was in the mood to play some Dragon's Dogma Online and returned to the game briefly. This game had a large amount of English players playing during the release, but most of them stopped playing by now. Anyway, going to cut straight to the point! It seems like you can collect a lot of free Gacha tickets if you do decide to come back to the game. If you're lucky and roll the "Weapon Gacha" you can get a level 1 weapon that can be upgraded as strong as level 58 weapon. Which means, Happy Power Leveling because you can equip it at level 1!?! Pray to your RNG gods!

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