Asker Online Debut Previously Known as Project Black Sheep


Neowiz Korea just launched a new website and changed the title of Project Black Sheep to Asker Online The Light Swallowers. The old website redirects viewers to the new one, which is located at They haven't released any new gameplay teasers just yet though it looks like they've started preparing for the first Closed Beta. Updated! Added a new gameplay trailer~


Black Desert Online 3rd Closed Beta Scheduled for September Followed by Open Beta This Winter


The Black Desert hype continues as Inven News Korea finally unveils a Closed Beta date! The 3rd CBT will kick off starting early next month on September 3rd! (Updated) (Scheduled September) With Daum Games publishing the NA/EU versions of the game, this beta will most likely have an IP block enforced. Lastly, Open Beta is scheduled this Winter. Hype!


Steparu's Recommended Gaming Apps Special


Earlier this year, I launched my new App website which has become somewhat popular. When I am not updating this site, I am usually updating my 2nd site or busy playing apps! Ever since the big boom of gaming apps, I find myself dual wielding both Android and iOS devices! I've listed the most popular games below with links to the English community for each one. I also added one upcoming bonus game that looks nice.


Project Black Sheep New Teaser and Possible Beta Announcement


New information on the upcoming Action MORPG Project Black Sheep by PMANG will be revealed next week on August 12th! The new trailer has been out for a couple of days now, but I never really bothered posting about it because it's a very vague and boring 30 seconds. If you still insist on wanting to watch it, then read on!


Vindictus Arisha New Information Revealed in Recent Interview


A friend of mine from the World Wide Game Watchers site just translated a very lengthy interview article from Inven introducing new information about the upcoming hyped up Arisha character of Vindictus. The interview is well worth checking out especially if you're an avid Vindictus player. Also Arisha is now playable on the test servers.