Sudden Attack 2 Prologue Trailer SPY


Nexon Korea is releasing Sudden Attack 2 next week and it's almost up to 500,000 Pre-Registered users at the moment! The developers recently released a new trailer teasing the Prologue SPY trailer of the game. I'm guessing this video is a depiction of the tutorial mission or it might be a new PvE mode? Anyhow, check out the trailer below!

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SoulWorker Online New Character Jin Seipatsu Lightning Fist Fury


A new playable character is joining the SoulWorker Online team on July 6th! Jin Seipatsu's main weapon is a large h2h glove that can harness the power of the Lion unleashing dead lightning attacks. Although he has powerful looking fists, Jin can also perform other martial arts like moves with kicks in combat! Check him out in action below.

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Dragon's Dogma Online Season 2.0 Large Update & Launch Trailer


A huge update for Dragon's Dogma Online is coming out next month introducing a lot of new content such as a new story, areas, dungeons, bosses, skills, and more. DDO Season 2.0 is not only introducing new content, but also refine and rework some of the original content for a better user experience. The best part about this large update is that players will have access to all of the vocations also known playable jobs. The update is scheduled to go live on June 30th this month with a new launch trailer below.

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HeroWarz Online English Closed Beta Open to All Users


The English version of HeroWarz started another CBT a few days ago and late comers are welcome to join in on the fun for free. Curious to see the new game changes, I decided to create a new account and try the game out with a short gameplay video below. A handful of CBT Events that's currently going on where players can earn and redeem towards Open Beta. If you're looking for something new to play or want test new stuff, check the game out! While this CBT is open to all new created accounts, there are still region restrictions, you can find the full list here.

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Shadowverse 1 Million Downloads New Players Receive 100+ Free Cards


Cygame's Anime Hearthstone like game Shadowverse just hit 1 million downloads! Players can actually receive over 100 free cards if they start today. I've been rerolling non-stop on multiple devices for the past couple of days, trying to take advantage of the freebies. It was all worth it in the end, I managed to get an account with 7 legendary with 2 shinies.

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Black Desert Online Ninja Awakening Trailer and Update Coming Soon


Pearl Abyss and Daum Korea just released the new Black Desert Online Ninja Awakening trailer. Ninja's look pretty beastly with this update alternating between six katanas back and forth along with counter and stealth capabilities still in play. The update is scheduled to go live late next week starting on June 23rd. You can find out more details on the official post or below.

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Shadowverse Portal Deck Builder Website Now Live Soft Launch Soon


Shadowverse fans can now create and build their own custom decks using the Shadowverse Portal Website. The website lists all of the cards that will be available in the game as soon as it launches. Shadowverse is supposed to be coming out really soon, this week or the next due to their announcement last month mentioning that it's supposed to have a soft-launch mid-June. I played around with the deck builder and added for a couple of minutes and slapped my Tyrant Rush deck. The game will be available for Android and iOS first and a PC STEAM version may come out at a later date. 

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Granblue Fantasy x Tales of Asteria Event and New Tales of Series Characters Soon


Granblue Fantasy is having a returning collaboration event with Tales of Asteria called A Tale of Intersecting Fates. During this limited time players will be able to obtain three exclusive characters from their three different Tales of series. The first character is Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia, Sophie from Tales of Graces, and Yuri from Tales of Vesperia.

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Revelation Online English Version Announcement


The English version of Revelation Online is finally on the way and Closed Beta is to begin later this fall. Players can sign up for the upcoming CBT early by checking out the official website. There is no planned business model for the game just yet! There aren't many nice looking Chinese games like this one and I do have a lengthy Revelation Online Review for those interested. Check out the English trailer below along with some of my gameplay videos.

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