Granblue Fantasy Re:Link Action RPG Trailer and Screenshots


Cygames and Platinum Games is working on another title and this one looks extremely good for a game that's currently 10% in development. No one knows what platform this game will be on, but the producer mentioned that he bought a new PC just for this title alone. The developers are mostly going to focus on the multiplayer or coop content, though just like the original version it will have some single player and scenario stories.

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Lost Order Upcoming Real-time Tactics RPG by Platinum Games


Cygames and Platinum Games team for a new upcoming real-time strategy tactics RPG called Lost Order for your mobile device. A short gameplay video was revealed in the Cygames Nexon livestream and I managed to snap some images from it below. It looks like a type of game where you can freely move around units in a small battlefield and activate special skills when the limit gauge is maxed. Anyway, check out the trailer and image below!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion is Coming to Android on August 22nd


There is another new upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion game for Android that's going to launch a no wipe beta test on August 22nd. This version claims to be "The Best Evangelion Mobile Game Project" since there are a lot of other mobile Eva games out there. I'm sure you've seen some of them floating about and the other Eva game that was recently tested in China. I've always got my doubts when it comes to certain mobile games and Anime spin-offs. I might give this one a test drive since it's an Eva game and all. I don't have a video, but you can check out some images below!

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Mobile Suit Gundam Online Open Beta Taiwan Version


Large Scale 52vs52 Warfare PvP Mobile Suit Gundam Online actually made it out of Japan and is now available in Taiwan! After hearing about this news, I had a sudden urge to log back in the Japanese version and play a few rounds and edit some of my old and new gameplay together below. You can also check out Taiwanese trailer below if you're curious to see what generation it's in, that sound FX though, totally edited. Just a little short update to my Gundam fanatic friends. Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon!

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SoulWorker Stella Short Gameplay


I was in the mood for some SoulWorker and thought I was actually going to get a level, but then I got bored grinding alone with my trash weapon. I did like ten runs and compressed it down to a two-minute long gameplay clip! I'll probably get level 46 the next time I login or something, then I can poke a new boss~! I was thinking of buying summer wear for my characters, but I don't really play that much. Gotta save them monies for Gacha games~!

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Capcom Targets Female Audience in Imprisoned Palm


Capcom just released teaser trailer for Imprisoned Palm a new visual novel like game for the smartphone device targeting women. Sure, there are a lot of visual novels a bit similar, but this one is a bit more interactive because you can communicate and stalk the guy via numerous cameras. Wait, that sounds weird.. does it?! The video doesn't give off much other than the guy having lost his memory and is trapped.

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Vindictus Eternal Take Your Dungeon Crawling Experience on the Go


Mabinogi Heroes aka Vindictus is getting a tablet mobile gaming port as Vindictus Eternal a new action combat game that features a tag out system between multiple characters in combat. The game received a bit of a graphics upgrade compared to debut screenshots. Vindictus Eternal isn't available just yet, but you can go on ahead and watch some cam footage from Inven and Thisisgame news right below.

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Closers Online Devilish Chevalier Set Comes with Exclusive Emotes and Voices


SEGA Japan's Closers Online is finally getting the limited Chevalier set for all of the current playable characters. The devilish looking outfit had a different name in the Korean version and was called Brilliance of Darkness. The Chevalier set completely alters the characters look and personality with new voice overs ranging from mild to psychotic. Lastly, players that have this outfit equipped will also have special emotes! Sounds awesome, but it's probably going to make you go crazy $_$ wise.

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Arpiel 2.0 Online My Room and Short Bunny Gameplay


Just a tiny post about my latest Arpiel 2.0 Online adventures. It seems like the new character attracted a lot of old and new players, which is nice. The 2.0 system is definitely a huge improvement compared to the original version. Last week you saw me test out the new Dragon chick character Lysia. Today, you'll see me play around with the bunny girl and mostly messing around with the room system. I got a ton of free outfits for returning to the game. The swimsuit might be permanent and some random 30 day outfit. All new characters get the swimsuit or it's probably just a temporary event thing.

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