Black Desert Online the Blader Update Goes Live a New Playable Character


PearlAbyss and Daum just patched in the 6th playable character today known as the Blader. The new character is currently the fastest playable character in Black Desert Online that wields both a sword and composite bow. He is also able to materialize a dark spirit sword called a Tiger Blade with his other hand granting him dual wield. I'll be trying the character out myself, so expect some videos of it in my channel!


Lord of Vermilion Arena 2nd Alpha Report Now Live


Square Enix is doing a decent job on keeping their Lord of Vermilion Arena Card MOBA community up to date with the latest Alpha Report Part 1. The latest collected data shows the most used spells, cards, best decks, player rank, card ranks, card rank by type, and more. Most of it is in Japanese, but I am sure your Google Translate friend can do most of the work.


Closers Online New Playable Character J the Fighter


Nexon Korea and NaddicGames just added a new playable character today in Closers Online. J the Fighter is a close range combat character who relies on his speed, fists, and crazy kicks! They also added his costumes in the cash shop, for the players who end up liking him. J's fighting style reminds me of those old school beat'em up games like Final Fight or Double Dragon.


Black Desert Online 2nd Wave of Exploiters Receives the Ban Hammer


The Black Desert Open Beta kicked off with a rough start last month where players were able to exploit game mechanics. The first set exploit consisted of users killing monsters that dropped a lot of gold and monsters that gave abnormal amount of experience points. The second wave today was with players abusing something with the shop, buy back dupe, and more. PearlAbyss and Daum is taking this seriously and have permanently banned users who exploited such bugs along with deleting all money and items from players who lightly abused such bugs.


Here is Black Desert Online's Character Customization Going Out of Control


Have you ever wanted to play as a troll or a crazy looking serial psychopath in an open seamless MMORPG? Now you can with Black Black Desert Online's next generation advanced character customization. Check out some of the latest user created characters below. Be warned, the images below may contain a lot of WTF! No limits, you can probably even make Anime looking characters if you wished!


Black Desert Online Presents Another Trailer Revealing NPC's and More


The Black Desert teaser trailers just keeps on pouring in with another one released today. The video reveals various NPC's, enemy monsters, character outfits, broken armor/clothing, cosmetics, and a short glimpse of the dye system. Have you lost count yet? I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that PearlAbyss and Daum have a special raid bosses or world boss feature trailer in their stash.


Tree of Savior Online Teaser Page Goes Live with a Nice BGM


Nexon Korea just launched the official website teaser page for Tree of Savior Online with a nice beautiful BGM to listen to! The teaser page also mentions something to be revealed at December 22nd. If I had to guess, it might reveal a new website along with the 1st public Closed Beta. Anyhow, check out the new website and enjoy the new BGM!


Bless Online 2nd Closed Beta Ground and Flying Mounts Hinted for Future


The 2nd Closed Beta of Bless Online will have over 30 different kinds of mounts for players to collect and each one will feature unique skills and effects when mounted on. They also introduced a new sprinting system for mounts that can be executed by pressing the W key twice. Below you will find a collection of mounts and a hint of flying ones in the future.


Lord of Vermilion Arena 2nd Alpha Status Teaser Page Updates


Square Enix just launched a mini alpha status update page for the upcoming Action MOBA Lord of Vermilion Arena that is scheduled to kick off near the end of the month. The teaser page currently reveals an improved tutorial system, party balancing, and handful of summoned familiar images. The upcoming alpha will feature an additional 20 more summons resulting in a grand total of 60 summons!