Vindictus Arisha New Information Revealed in Recent Interview


A friend of mine from the World Wide Game Watchers site just translated a very lengthy interview article from Inven introducing new information about the upcoming hyped up Arisha character of Vindictus. The interview is well worth checking out especially if you're an avid Vindictus player. Also Arisha is now playable on the test servers.


Vindictus 9th Character Arisha Fabulous Teaser Trailer


The rumors ended up being true as the new teaser page for the 9th character Arisha just went live on the official Mabinogi Heroes website. According to data miners the new character is a hybrid melee and magic user. The trailer doesn't reveal much other than her figure shown off in a faint black silhouette near the end.


Core Masters Online Japan Upcoming Changes


I played a bit of Core Masters Online yesterday and noticed that the game isn't doing so great as the servers were quite a bit empty. The game will receive a huge update at the end of the month featuring a new lobby and revamped mission and quest system.


Tree of Savior Developers Continues Weekly Updates with Art Director Interview and Q&A #5


IMCGames is doing a great job on keeping their Tree of Savior fans up-to-date with the latest game development news in both English in Korean languages. ToS is one of the few games that I am looking forward to playing in the future and I am always delighted to read small tidbits from the developers every now and then. Cutting to the chase check out the two links below!


Tree of Savior Team Launches English Developers Blog


IMC Games took notice that a lot of foreigners are interested in their upcoming new title called Tree of Savior Online. They decided to launch a developers blog in English. Due to the translation process, fans might expect a minor delay when new articles, interviews, and information is released. Other than that, you can go on ahead jump on the site by clicking here. CBT is scheduled this summer and I am looking forward to covering the game in great detail.


Tree of Savior Developers Respond to Leaked Videos


There was a handful of videos containing gameplay for Tree of Savior Online that was leaked earlier last week. The developers seemed to have taken notice of the videos and informed fans that the leaked videos was an older build. The devs. also informed Youtube and flagged the videos for deletion, so if you have one get rid of it, or you might get a striiiiiikeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That will be all, see the full developer message below. Looks like someone is going to get fired.