Steparu's Best of 2009 SMOARPG

mainSteparu's Best of 2009 week is here! There are a lot of games that came out in the year 2009 that I have tested Open and Closed Beta. This list will contain mostly foreign online games with a mix of some games that are also out in English. Think you have missed a game in the year 2009 that was worth trying out? Check out Steparu's top three Best of 2009 Online games that's a must try, when you get the chance. Side-scrolling Multiplayer Online Action RPG is the next batch! A vast amount of side-scrolling games came out in the year 2009 but only the best ones made it to the top three.

1st Place - Elsword Season 2 - ACT III

Players who indulged themselves in Elsword Online find it very hard to go back to original Grandchase for many reasons. Other than superb anime style'd graphics and crazy fun gameplay. Elsword offers four playable characters with a bunch of different tree class upgrades. It also has constant updates, which keeps players addicted and hooked on the game. The secret dungeons and PvP should keep you busy with this game for a long time. It's just too bad all the cute outfits are in cash shop!

Status: Open Beta
Languages: (KO) (TW)
Developer: KOG
Game Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site:

2nd Place - Trinity

Trinity Online hands down wins the best side-scrolling game that has very addicting PVP system in it. Not only it is addicting, it is the best one I have seen next to Dungeon Fighter Online. If you have played DnF then you will surely love this game, if you keep your mind open. The wide variety of playable characters along with awesome combos that you can perform with them makes Trinity Online one of the best picks of 2009.

Status: Open Beta
Languages: (KO)
Developer: Goorm Interactive
Game Publisher: Goorm Interactive
Game Site:

3rd Place - Dragonica

Dragonica Online would have to be one of cutest side-scrolling MOARPG released in the year 2009. The game has been out for awhile now in other countries, but the Global and English version was just came out early last year. If you are looking for a new game to start up and try with a bunch of friends, then Dragonica is the one for you. Going through the main story quests and instances, along with the user friendly system and gameplay makes Dragonica one of the funnest games in 2009.

Status: Open Beta
Languages: (KO) (TW) (Global) (NA) (EU)
Developer: Barunson Interactive
Game Site: Full List @

4th Place - Rusty Hearts

Rusty Hearts just revived that nostalgic feeling of when I first tried out the game Lunia Online. Though both games aren't much of side-scrolling they still fit very well in this section. I would have to say that Rusty Hearts is addicting as when I first played Lunia Online. Rusty Hearts was at the very early stages of development when I tried it out, but I felt like the game was super fun. I am even more hype up on playing the next CBT of Rusty Hearts! There are three unique playable characters in game and depending on which character you pick, the game is just easy-mode.

Status: Closed Beta
Languages: (KO)
Developer: Stairway Games
Game Publisher: Windy Soft
Game Site:

5th Place - Viva Fighter

Viva Fighter Online is the type of game for players who just love racking up their combos over the 100 meter. This side-scrolling anime style game is more than just a SMOARPG, it also has system implemented where users can create and design their own rooms. These rooms can be used for hanging out with your friends or other crazy stuff, which I would have you rather keep to yourself. If you have tried RBO - Ragnarok Battle Offline then surely you will love this games system and play style.

Status: Pre-Open Beta - OB Soon?
Languages: (KO)
Developer: Sonov Entertainment
Game Publisher: Nolto Korea
Game Site: